Dear Customers,

The requirements of the most frequently legalized documents from and for foreign countries are stated below. If you are not sure whether your documents meet these requirements, or if your case is special in any way, we can give you timely advice (free of charge) on the phone or by е-mail so you can avoid many troubles and save time and money.

Requirements for documents to be translated and legalized from a foreign country for Bulgaria:

1.  All documents coming to Bulgaria from any foreign countries members of the Convention de la Haye du 5 octobre 1961, irrespective of whether they are copies or originals must be furnished with Apostille, so they could be submitted to the Consular Department to legalize our translation.

2.  There are two exceptions:

•  Documents coming from countries providing the Republic of Bulgaria with legal support. These are all former socialistic countries, former Soviet Republics without Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, all former Yugoslavian Republics, France, Austria, Russia, Libya, Iraq and Tunis. These documents can be legalized without Apostille, but they must be originals bearing the original last signatures and stamps of a state institution.

•  Documents coming form Canada, Kuwait and China. They must bear the original stamp of our embassy in the respective country.

Consular Department does not legalize translations of documents made abroad. The translation must be made in Bulgaria again. In many countries the translation bearing the Apostille is attached to the documents. This document is not valid, because the Apostille must be affixed to the document itself.

Requirements for documents to be translated and legalized from Bulgaria for a foreign country:

1.  Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Certificate of Marital Status, Permanent Address, Death Certificate. These documents must be duplicates (not originals!), or, in some rare cases, copies legalized by the municipality, which has issued them (notarized copies of these documents cannot be legalized). The document must bear the rectangular stamp of the issuing municipality certifying its validity.

2.  Certificate of University/College Attendance. The Certificate must state the department, major, year of enrollment, period of study, qualification pursued and the purpose of issuance; Certificate of School Transfer issued by Primary or Secondary Schools. It must be signed not only by the head teacher, but also by the Principal of the school.

3.  Diploma of Secondary Education, Diploma of College Education, Diploma of Higher Education, Academic Transcript to Diploma of Higher Education, Academic Reference, Diploma of Post – Diploma Qualification (including those issued by medical colleges/universities). We advise you to bring the original, which will be given back to you afterwards. If you bring a copy (it must be certified by a Notary Public), then the stamp of the school and the Principal, Chancellor and Dean’s signatures must be clearly visible. It is necessary to take a copy in photo regime, or at least take a colour copy. The Academic References must meet the requirements necessary for the Certificates of University/College Attendance.

4.  Certificate of Conviction. It must bear two signatures, one of the Judge and one of the Secretary with the stamp of the respective court of justice; Court Decision of Company Registration, Certificate of Good Standing. These documents must bear the Judge’s signature and stamp in ink (they must not be notarized copies). If they are signed by the court’s Secretary, the Secretary’s three names must be provided; Power of Attorney or Statement – Declarer or Authorizer’s signatures must be legalized by Notary Public.

5.  Medical Certificate for work abroad. All personal details stated at the beginning of the document must be provided. You must state all medical examinations, including WASS and HIV tests, because even if the document is legalized without them, you may face some problems entering a foreign country; Child’s Immunization Passport. All immunizations carried out so far must be stated.

6.  Bank Reference. When the Reference is issued by your bank, you must state that you need it for translation and legalization purposes.

Dear Customers,

When you are issued any documents, please, check that all details are stated correctly because we cannot make any changes in the documents or alter the translation.

Please, provide your names in Latin /Cyrillic transcription or the way you want us to transcribe them.