HORAY TRANSLATION AGENCY was established in 1996. It has been operating as a translation agency since November 2001 pursuant to a Contract with the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Agency’s services include:

•  Translation from and into 33 languages using more than 90 translators;
•  Certification of documents at Notary Public Office, in all ministries and institutions;
•  Legalization of documents from and for Bulgaria and foreign countries at the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
•  Certification in Embassies.

Many private companies, state and non-government organizations are our customers.

Translations are made by highly qualified translators with rich professional experience. The team can translate a huge quantity of documents in a very short term. The permanent control over the process of translation along with the established system of quality control and management enable us to offer high quality translations and meet customers’ requirements. Since we have been in this business we have translated thousands of pages.

Since 2004 the company is V.A.T. registered.